Monday, November 12, 2007

Aint that funny!

Moving out of school and entering work life has been a big transition. Lots of things changed; my work schedules, type of work, way of work, lifestyle etc. Except for a few I think I have acclimatized myself to most of them, but now is the biggest one that I am facing, "Changing the sense of humor!".

That made me think about what has been the definition of humor all this while; or rather "What is funny ? " {:-p acknowledging Sarah J. Parker }
I was pondering over the mere basics of being funny and how could one be branded humorous. I think the best way to go about it would be to enlist and catogorize all kind of humor and see what it needs to be funny. My mind could only recollect the follwing kinda humor:-
A) Narration: Seemingly simple way of being humrorous. If you can enact a humorous incident from TV/Movie perfectly. It gets best when you may apply references to situations from TV series. Copying a joke from a friend and applying it at the rite moment may be counted in this genre.
Requires: Good memory, great presence of mind to think in parallel and pull the best reference from the memory and a lotta TV watching(I would strongly recommend daily shows and family guy).
B) Malapropism(a.k.a 'literary jokes' 'PJs'): Sheer elegant jokes. A class of situational jokes involving playing around with words to form a brilliant word.
Requires: Good grip on language(any), multilingual helps( classic cliched ones involve usage of the same word in different languages).
C) Trash talk: The worst genre. Trashing people based on their origin, styles, weight, looks etc.
Requires: Time to acquire information about people and their sensitivities.

This was all I could think of catagorizing all the kind of humor possible. Please enlighten me with new bullets which may be appended to this list.

And hence, the task is simple. I just need to figure out applying all of the aforementioned stuff at work. Is it really that simple?

Oh yeah btw, after I wrote all this stuff, I googled for 40 secs and found this link:
Hope this helps ! :)

Coming soon: "A day with hippies"

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Waiting in my cold cell, the final bell began to chime. The next moment I was strapped on my electrocution chair; the undertaker's whisker was constantly imbibing a cold shiver onto my nerves. My life flashed past my eyes, but it just halted at a moment when I actually remembered the last time I had seen the Undertaker. It was a cold night at the Bryce Jordan Center at State College, when four of us brave men had decided to check out the WWE event at BJC. Undertaker was one of the biggest stars that evening on stage other than ofcourse the HBK. The time we came out Hari was high on WWE and was almost going to choke on laughter, which ofcourse was instigated by pointy's stupid comment on Golddust coming out of real fire on stage. Man the amount of gold he wears must be worth a million dollars especially looking at the jwellery prices at the shops in Edison, when I was shopping with my bhabi. Wonder if gold is really expensive or just overpriced in the US assuming that people here make more money. The more money myth is ofcourse is dying with dollar falling badly in past few years and projected to be reaching close to 36Rs by next year end. It probably is attributed to developing Indian economy than cupping US government. People prefer to stay back in India these days, infact choose to return to India to get a much better convenient life. The metro cities are definitely getting closer to the US if not for the infrastructure, atleast the culture. Its getting so easy to get a chik in India.... damn it!!! yet another chain of events ending up with getting a chik!!! when will I get out of the regular corridor chain of thoughts carried over from IITs!!!!

Title:Lemme start on a random note and see where it ends:-p

Monday, July 23, 2007

Have you ever done this??

U want to watch a band perform but hardly can see or hear anyone, and end up paying tonnes?

U drive a hundered miles to save upons a buck on your shoe purchase ?

U go to malls and buy everything but what you needed ?

U goto the restraunts and drill your wallets for having a crappier verision of what you cook ?

U download all the free movies online but hardly ever watch them ?

U work toward becoming what you would hate to be ?

Looking up at the list.... try to unzip a zipped archive in linux:-p(purely intended for geeks) and for non geeks.. look into your credit card bills (currently doing that):((

Monday, July 16, 2007

Smug* Alert!!!!

Standing at Starbucks, I have always gazed at some of the greatest Smugs ordering their drink to absolute precision. "One large iced caramel machitato with whipped cream and honey on skimmed milk.. (wink wink)", would be one of those shorter ones which I vaguely remember. I considered that to be the smug peak until ofcourse I met a few friends of mine whom I found lost the abyss of smug clouds all around them. However, my smug expectation threshold was demolished yesterday when I read this!!! "Bottled water in NYC for 55$"
Apparently, a bottled water chain is becoming popular in NYC, which sells pure flovoured water in 80 different flavors. The most expensive ones are as close to 55$ for a 20oz bottle. You may order stuff like "A 20oz extra oxygenated 0.2% clorinated himalyan water", which would keep you fresh all day long, WOW!!!!! A look back into my past I was remebering the kinda water I have been having all life... started with Yamuna water on my tap in delhi, cat licked mess water in hostel mess, well water on soccer fileds, occasional non-branded bottled water... sure misfit in this country... un fking believable. I bow to the SMUGs!!! "The corporate world so fking needs you SMUGS.... THANKS... (one eye closed)"{ref: SP} I thought SFO was leading in smug cloud density, but thumbs up!! NYC...

Me back into writing business... thesis and blogs(given that its 10th anniversary of blogging

*Smug, verb, : contentedly confident of one's ability, superiority, or correctness; complacent (

*Smug, verb : smelling your own farts (

examples from real world: George clooney, Brad Pitt, a few desis at/from PSU(you may feel free to enlist a few at PSU for smug ignorant ppl's reference)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 -- The one for you and me

Just felt like rojoicing this date, a special one with a tribute to the marvelous industry of english horror movies. Have not found many great admirers of such a genre except prolly my freind GO, but I have always been delighted by the splendid picturization and cinematography of such movies. Its really not the gross movies that I am talking about, but more of the classy fundamental movies related with the biblical myths the horror legends like the Vampires and so on. In fact I remember watching a whole series of Vampire movies back in IIT days and getting all the information about them right from detecting to killing a vampire:-p The interesting aspect to such movies is the consistency of facts across movies which builds upon the myth extremely strong over you and gets you engrossed into the sequels. Unfortunately in recent times not many directors have done a good job with horror movies, but infact they tend to diverge quite a bit to the gross side of such movies which is quite a shame. Eagerly looking forward to spending a fantastic weekend at State College and hoping to watch OMEN with some true admirers of the dying class.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Felt like home .. London...

Donno why but my trip to london was so much like home. Probably because I could correlate to people much more than I can with the americans, or prolly it was the accent, may be the culture or probably the castles and the history. Just felt such a righyt place, and its certainly not a rookie decision outta fascination, I have indeed travelled a lot and never felt so good about any other place. Over the short period of my stay I have developed a mad infauation for the londoner accent, the european vogue and surely the Tube (london subway). On the visiting/sightseeing, hit my dream places, like the Arsenal Hibury stadium, the lords stadium and a few castles(the last ones ofcourse not on my dream list). But the fun part was travelling all over with some good friends from the hostel. It was quite agonizing to land in NYC back from london and travel in the crappy subways and listen to some white b1@#h delivering a trash talk about her husband!!!

And oh yeah not to forget about the people I met in the flight. Just to make my trip perfect I was sitting next to a football club statician, from portugal, which took care of my flight trip:) While departing he gave me his card and an open invite to any of Feynood Football club game any time I am in portugal. The card went straight to my wallet on top, certianly o be taken care of more than all those crappy researchers' cards whom I ever wanted o collaborate with....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Soccer tales

Had to admire the great effort by Arsenal to keep a final full of excitement down till the end with their ten men facing the daunting task of keeping Barca off their net till 76th minute. Fourteen minutes away from glory, they conceded and down went all the 76minute effort. But the tremendous mettle and courage shown by the brave playes needs immense admiration.... hats off.... especially when the refree didn't really want the team to win.....

For all the soccer following readers... hope you watched the game.. and developed some good respect for Arsenal FC and certianly much more respect for football, with the fine quality of football put up by both the teams.... I just hope THierry Henry stays with Arsenal....

Looking forward to the world cup now....